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Thursday, 29 November 2012 13:44

The Top 5 Ideas For Renovating Your Kitchen

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The kitchen is one of the popular areas of the house that people like to remodel and reinvigorate with new life. After the entire kitchen does get its fair share of use throughout the day and is one of the rooms in your house that will begin to deteriorate quicker than say, your bedroom or bathroom.

In today’s tight housing market having a new kitchen really can be the selling point, and it doesn’t have to cost mega dollars to remodel.

Our top 5 modern ideas include:

Adding a custom island - This feature has become very popular in the last decade, and creates plenty of working space with surfaces that are not only pleasing to the eye but are durable as well.

Install a new kitchen sink with a stylish faucet head. Sleek stainless resists scratches and is easy to maintain.

Give it a new paint job, often this alone can give a new look and new life to what was an old, dreary part of the house. Keep it fresh and clean.

Use glass in your kitchen cupboards for a stylish and modern effect, this acts as a great showcase.

Change the lightning - Kitchens should be bright and cheerful places where you can see everything clearly. Use spotlights and/or low hanging shades.

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