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Monday, 07 January 2013 11:42

How to Keep Your Home Tidy, With Our Top 3 Tips

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Well guys we have started a brand new year, and with that we need to make some resolutions don’t we?

Instead of your standard: Lose weight, stop smoking, stop drinking etc, we have come up with 3 tips to make you a tidier and more organized person. We will even give you some more ideas on how you can keep your house tidy over the course of January!

Tip 1. Putting quality over quantity:

Having too much of one thing can be a nightmare for storage. Let me explain, I have handfuls of bed sheets when really I do not need so many, the same goes for towels as well. By simply buying better made sheets I can keep one sheet for the bed while one sheet is in the wash!

This means there is more storage room, less washing and you still get clean sheets.

Tip 2. Keep one thing clear:

This is actually a crazy idea but it works. If you keep something clean in one room it will help make the rest of that room look tidy. So in the kitchen you need to make sure there is no dishes drying, or needing to be washed, in the bedroom keep your bedside tables clear, in the living area clear the coffee table so its free of clutter.

This really does work a treat!

Tip 3. Use a landing strip:

Do you lose your keys on a regular basis, or forget where you put the mail? Then a landing strip could be what you need to organise your life.

You can use it for keys, mail and even put things that you need to take out of the house the next day on. It certainly saves a lot of hassle having to rip apart your house, and get wound up when you can’t find your car keys doesn’t it?

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