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Friday, 18 January 2013 12:47

The Final 2 Tips of Our Clean House Resolutions

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You may recall the post we published just over a week ago on how to keep your house tidy this New Year, well we said that we would add a few more pointers to that list for you, and identify a few other ways you can keep a clean and tidy house.

Tip 1. The simplest and easiest way to keep clutter free and retain a tidy house is by simply putting things back where they came from after you have used them. If you just take one of the tips away with you and use it, then this is the one I would suggest you do.

There is nothing worse than using something and ditching it in another place, at the end of the day that item will always need to go back to where it came from. The problem is the more things you use and leave lying about, then the more work you will leave yourself later on down the line when you come to tidying up the house.

I think the biggest culprit to many is coats, jackets and the vacuum cleaner. These items can easily be left out and in regards to coats they can pile up making your house look messy.

Tip 2. The second tip that I wanted to offer you is to have a clear out. We have all seen the Hoarders TV series right? You can see how bad things can get if you collect to much stuff, so have a day to sort through the items that you no longer use or no longer need. By creating more space and recycling or chucking out old items you have more room to play with.

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