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Wednesday, 20 February 2013 12:11

Our Top 5 Tips for Home Remodeling

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Remodeling can be just as stressful as moving house when you weigh up the options, not to mention the planning and costs that have to go into these two types of methods.

So we are bringing you our top 10 tips split over a couple of blog posts for thing that you need to take into account when starting out a remodelling job with a contractor.

Tip 1. Use the contractor that you have chosen to remodel your house or a room in the house, to give you their recommendations. You need to be confident in their abilities and trust is of the utmost importance when you part with cash and allow them to enter your family home for the period of days or weeks.

Tip 2. Write down exactly what you want to achieve from this remodelling job. The more information you can provide the less likely it is that they will lead you into spending needless money on things you don’t need or don’t want.

Tip 3. Read through the quote and make sure you understand what you will be getting for your money before you sign on the dotted line. It is important not just for you to know what you want doing and relay that to the contractor, but also that the contractor understands what you want.

Tip 4. During the renovation and remodelling, always express your thoughts and feelings if you have any. Sometimes it’s good to let them get on with the job, but if you have any concerns then talk to the contractor about them. Right down to the paint code color in case you need to do any touch-up jobs in the future.

Tip 5. Lastly, be prepared to make a lot of decisions there and then, right down to the style and material your cupboard handles need to be. Once things are fitted, they are fitted!

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