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Monday, 04 March 2013 13:01

Quick Tips on What to Consider for a Walk-in-Shower Room

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When you decide to remodel your home there are many things that you need to take into consideration, from the color of the paint you want to use, right down to the type of shower to be fitted in your bathroom.

Many think it’s a quick an easy decision to make, but it really isn’t, and more often than not it comes down to how big the room is to what you can work with.

Working With a Large Room

If you have a fairly large shower room then the best option to maximize the impact is to install a wet room styled shower which simply drains the water directly into the floor. Pretty much, like a walk-in-shower. If you are having a walk-in-shower with a low lying try then think about the types of material you can have.

You want something that looks the business but also has its practical advantages, so resin or ceramic are your main two choices.

Also, think about the tiles you are going to have, and if in doubt get an expert to just check over the room before you shower for the first time. You want the water to drain away but you need the walls and surrounding areas to be as waterproof as possible, otherwise you could cause a lot of trouble.

Choosing a Showerhead

This is the best part of the whole experience, and one of the most important as it finishes off the look. Nowadays there are so many choices, but the up and coming showers are digital showers which can be turned on and off from any room in the house. Cool huh?

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