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Wednesday, 22 May 2013 11:18

River Oaks Building Contractors: What To Look For

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Hiring a building contractor can be a tough and tiring task, especially when you have no idea what you need to look out for.

We have been in the industry for knocking on nearly 20 years now, and in that time we have seen it grow. We have seen companies created and folded in that time. It takes something special to keep on top, and that is something that we pride ourselves on.

So what do you need to look out for when hiring a building contractor? Whether that’s in River Oaks (where we are currently working) or right across the US?

Here is our top 10 hit list of things you should take note of:

Avoid Scammers

If the contractor checks any of these boxes, walk away now!

1. Provides credentials or references that can't be verified.

2. Offers a special price, but only if you sign a contract today.

3. Accepts only cash, requires large deposits or wants the entire cost up front.

4. Asks you to write a check in his name (not to the business).

5. Won't provide a written contract or complete bid.

6. Refuses to apply for building permits, and asks you to get them.

7. Offers exceptionally long warranties

8. Proposes to do most or all of the work on weekends and after-hours.

9. Gives you a low-ball offer that sounds too good to be true.

10. Has "Will work for beer" painted on the side of his trucks.

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