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Tuesday, 29 April 2014 09:04

Your Home’s Entryway – Make It Elegant and Welcoming

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The entrance of your home is the first thing that people encounter. Just like the rest of your home, it should reflect your personality and tastes. An attractive entryway can make your visitors feel more comfortable and can promise an entertaining experience once they enter your home. Consider a few important factors when decorating your home’s entryway.

The Door

The type and construction of your front door can make an immense impact on how your house looks from the street. It is essential to the concept of “curb appeal” that not only affects your feelings about the home but also it’s market value. If you have a worn, old-fashioned door on your home, consider replacing it with a new one. Front doors come in a wide range of materials and styles that can immediately give your home an updated look. Steel doors offer the greatest security, and these are now available in a range of designs. If your front door is still serviceable, consider giving it a new coat of paint in a contrasting color from the rest of your house. Choose a paint color that is elegant yet makes a statement. Brick red or Wedgwood blue can give your home a look of distinction and taste. An off-white or soft gray color matches with almost any house color.

Landscaping Your Entranceway

Bushes and shrubs at your entranceway can create a nice transition from the street to your home and provide a bit of privacy as you enter and leave. When choosing plants, make balance your first consideration. If your entryway has many vertical lines, consider shorter plantings that break up the lines. If your entry area is broad and long, consider some tall plants to draw the eye. Use rounded as well as angled plantings to create visual interest. Vary the color of foliage to provide an attractive view.

Hanging Plants

If your entryway offers a porch or overhang, consider hanging planters with trailing plants. The abundance of flowers will give your home a warm and expansive feel that guests will appreciate. Flowers also help to increase curb appeal and give the neighborhood a homey, friendly feel.

Garden Seating

A garden chair or loveseat offers visitors to set a spell and enjoy the area you have created. Place the seat amidst foliage or in a position that allows the person to enjoy plantings. Whatever seating you choose, make it simple in design and comfortable in material. Paint the seating in a color that blends into the natural environment or contrasts in a light-hearted and easy way. Adding an outdoor cushion can help to make the sitting area more inviting.

Personalize Your Entryway

A nice way to put your own distinctive mark on your entryway is to refer to some personal hobbies or interests you might have. If you are a flower gardener, make sure your entryway has some of your favorites on display. If your hobby is cooking, have a small herb garden on display. If your passion is vegetable gardening, you might have a tray of seedlings getting ready for transplanting. Your door might be a display for arts and crafts you create or antique hardware you have found. Find a way to make this part of your home your own. It will make a good conversation starter and allow visitors to know more about you instantly.


Also consider whether your entryway could benefit from some handrails. Handrails are available in a range of materials and add safety for children or elders who visit frequently. Choose a style that suits your overall home design. Install the handrail where it can be within easy reach for anyone who needs a little help negotiating your front steps. A well-chosen handrail gives a look of stability and security to your home.
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