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Friday, 01 August 2014 14:35

Why a Ceramic Tile Floor is Right for Your Kitchen or Bath

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When you pick a material for a new floor installation, compare the benefits of each option to the role the floor plays in your home. For a kitchen or bathroom project, the advantages of ceramic tile often contribute to the best flooring system.

Limited Time and Money for Maintenance

A tile floor is simple to install relative to counterparts. The material is also easy and inexpensive to maintain. After the installation, you put a sealant over the floor which prevents moisture from penetrating and stains from setting in. With a quality sealant, you just need to perform routing sweeping and mopping to clean and disinfect.

Keep the Moisture Out

A primary reason tile works well in a kitchen or bath is the ability of a ceramic installation to prevent moisture penetration. Tile is bonded together with grout. The tile itself and the compounding agent provide a durable layer of protection.

When you step out of the tub onto a carpet or wood floor, the water causes wearing, damage and even mold build-up. A ceramic floor that is installed by a professional does not suffer these problems. The humidity in a bathroom also causes moisture to accumulate on flooring surfaces. On tile, you either wipe up moisture or allow it to dry.

Great Value for the Money

Tile is one of the most affordable flooring surfaces on the residential market. You buy the individual tiles in bundles to cover the required square footage. Installation is simple and not as time-consuming as it is with other materials. Therefore, you save on labor charges.

If a tile piece breaks, you do not have to pay much for damage repair either. You just cut out the broken piece and put in a new one. You may have a few spare tiles left after the installation.

Create the Design You Want

Tile sizes vary from small six-inch squares up to two-foot squares or larger. You also have the ability to create a single color floor, a two-colored pattern or another intricate design with a blended color look.


For a homeowner on a budget, ceramic tile is the best flooring system for a kitchen or bathroom project. You do not have to invest a lot in materials or installation. You get a quality appearance, moisture protection and design flexibility. Contact your flooring contractor to discuss tile and installation alternatives.

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